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Finally, offices don’t have to feel so office-y.

Desks and accessories designed for the new landscape of commercial practice.

Later, beige cubes. What’s up, vibrant colors.

Mix and match colorful, modular design to paint your vision for the space. Not sure what colors to choose?

Sky Blue
come standard.

We like things nice and easy—for you, that is.

Our vertical integration is a headache cure. The buck starts and stops with us. You get what you’re looking for, and you get it quickly.

Environments we’d want to work in.

The folks behind these logos designed their spaces with Mateo. Now we’ve got a case of some serious office envy.

Production is 100% in-house.
We design what we build. We build what we design. And we can ship quickly.
Health and wellness, a #1 priority.
Smooth the transition from home to office back to home. Happy employees are retained employees.
Modular approach = maximum choice.
Choose from eight standard colors and finishes plus a variety of accessories.

Every part of the process.

We own our manufacturing. Unheard of, right? Having our own place in Hermosillo, Mexico allows us to stay fully involved from design to development to manufacturing.

Nimble. Quick.

Customizable projects of all sizes don’t have to travel across oceans. No logistics brokers. No bottlenecks. Delivered in no time.

We’ve got questions.

We talk with people working from home and the office. We want to know what makes a difference. Listening to our communities is what drives our R&D.

Good for you (and them).

Mateo’s products put people and health first. Our driving belief is to create a workspace that benefits mind and body through thoughtful design.

See us in color.